Photography For Idiots

Welcome to my first ever TogBlog. I’m hoping future ones will be fun, tip-filled, educational and inspiring.
As I write here I’m sitting with my little crazy dog Argo at my feet and a strong black coffee.

Let’s Talk Pictures And Not Cameras

When I’m out in a bar or walking through Belfast I usually see someone taking a photo with arms out, one eye on the subject and the other on the LCD screen. I’m thinking are ya just taking a photo for photo’s sake or do you want a properly framed and focused pic?!

So here’s my idea, why not take a moment and ask yourself 3 questions.

WHAT is it I am taking a photo of?
WHY do I want to take this photo, the reason?
Finally…What do I WANT the viewer (friends/family members) to see when they see your photo?

If you can’t answer just one of the questions, it’s a wasted photo opportunity. “Have a thought before you take that shot”. #itrhymes #limerick

For 6 years I’ve been teaching and holding photography workshops with some of the toughest pupils, the under 10 year olds and the guys ‘with all the gear but no idea’. I want to make photography simple and workable for everyone.

In this TogBlog category I’ll later talk about different styles, forms of expression and how to take a good photograph.

In my other TogBlog category web2.0 3⁄4 you’ll have the opportunity to upload your best and near perfect pix to the forum for cc.

Thanks for reading and supporting my blog. Peace and happy photography.